Mayoral Candidates Make Final Push

Meridian, Mississippi With Tuesday quickly approaching, the four mayoral candidates are spending the last remaining days before the election on their final campaigns.

Percy Bland's campaign heated the day up on Saturday with a Get Out and Vote Democratic rally in downtown Meridian. He says there's still plenty to do with just hours to go.

"Talking to the people, continuing to get our message out and continue to ask the people to let Percy Bland be their future mayor and the voice of this city," Bland said. "So the next few days will just be canvassing and talking to the voters."

Mayor Cheri Barry was unable to personally campaign due to the death of a close family friend, but her supporters were more than happy to keep the momentum going in her absence, hitting over 3,000 houses before lunch.

"It's the end of the line," Barry supporter Heather Lacoste said. "I mean, we're here working hard, working for Cheri. We've been out walking door to door. We've been making phone calls, writing letters. We're not going to stop until the very end."

Cheri Barry's supporters haven't been the only ones out on the streets. Wally Hudnall has been knocking on doors all day, targeting the specific personal problem of residents in the city's annexed area.

"I'm out here in Eagle Pointe knocking on doors on Saturday," Hudnall said. "These people out here have had a hard time. Their property taxes have gone up in the last four years since they were annexed, and I intend on helping them out a little bit."

Hudnall says he received over 100 phone calls after the debate from swayed voters, and he expects the public might be surprised by the race's turnout. That debate also left the voters with questions for Independent candidate Walter Patton. He spent the day setting out to answer. Patton declined an on-camera interview.

One message all four candidates shared was the desire that people get out and vote. Despite the chaos of last-minute campaigning, all four candidates said they are very excited for Tuesday's election.