Meet Robert Gray, Democratic Nominee for Governor

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Jackson, Miss. It didn't take long for the social media buzz to begin and everyone to start asking, who is Robert Gray? This reporter got the first on camera interview with him and Gray himself helped us answer that question.

"I'm not a politician," said Gray. "I'm not a person who really wanted to run for governor."

Gray is 46-year-old truck driver. That schedule prevented him from campaigning, aside from a couple of small events.

We asked if he did any fundraising at all and he said no.

So with no money in the campaign bank, a man who admits he usually shies away from attention, clinched the nomination.

"It doesn't take a brain surgeon to do what needs to be done in the state of Mississippi," said Gray.

Areas of concern for Gray? Bringing in more money to the state.

"Expanding Medicaid. That's the easiest and fastest way to do it," said Gray.

He wants to see more jobs created. And attention given to infrastructure and education needs.

Gray says he has never been inside the Mississippi Capitol. We were there as he took his first look inside.

"I wonder if the ole governor's in there right now," said Gray.

Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole met with Gray Wednesday.

"This question of who is Robert Gray? That's exposure you couldn't buy," said Cole.

Cole doesn't think voters knew enough about any of the gubernatorial candidates.

"They clicked the first box so they could get the screen to go to the next office," Cole said.

Cole likes the idea of a 'citizen governor' rather than a career politician. He says Gray has a lifetime of real world experience to prepare him.

Robert Gray won the Democratic nomination for governor of Mississippi. (Photo source: WLBT-TV)
Photo source: WLBT-TV
Robert Gray visits the Mississippi Capitol for the first time. (Photo source: WLBT-TV)