Meridian Veterans Day Program

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Meridian, Miss. Hundreds attended Meridian's annual Veterans Day program at the Doughboy Monument.

Each branch of service was recognized with the playing of their anthems.

Veterans shared how important it is to hold this event each year and honor the sacrifices that have been made.

"You get all the branches together and their families, and you just remember those you have served with, the good times, the bad times. And of course, we always end the service with the laying of the wreaths and taps. I know along the way we have lost a lot of buddies and friends and families that we would like to remember also on Veterans Day,” said Van McCarty, who served in the Marines.

With so many veterans at the program Tuesday, it shows how connected our community is with our veterans currently serving or who have served in the past.

β€œIt recognized the strength of this community. Meridian supports the Naval Air Station. They also support their veterans within the community. And they are hometown folks who have served their county proudly,” said Capt. Scott Bunnay, commanding officer of NAS Meridian.

Near the end of Veterans Day program, the Ladies Auxiliary laid wreaths at the foot of the Doughboy Monument. There was also 21-gun salute and the playing of Taps, as a way to remember those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.