Meridian Heads Back to School

Students at Meridian High began their new block schedule very smoothly, according to Principal Victor Hubbard. Students reported to where they needed to on time and without incident, to which he credits Sunday's open house. Now that students are in the classroom, the focus is on making sure they continue to excel.

Victor Hubbard tells us, "We are expecting continuing progress in their academics. We have high expectations when it comes to our students academics. We know that they can achieve. It takes a partnership to ensure that, however. It takes the teachers, the administrators, and the parents working together to ensure that."

The teachers are doing their part as all teachers at the 9th grade building and high school go over the student academic and behavioral policies. Hubbard is hoping that by telling the students up front what is expected, fewer problems will exist through the school year.

"Being proactive is the key, to letting the students know what is expected," says Hubbard. "Once the students understand what is expected, we have seen that they have risen to the occasion of doing exactly what we are asking them to do at school."

Hubbard is asking for the students to perform at a very high level, but, he says the students have shown they can do just that, "For me as a principal, my goal is to make sure that our school is either an 'A' or 'B' school. We don't want anything lower; that is our goal, and we know that we can accomplish that from what we have seen in past years."

Rankings on how the district did last year should be released within the next month.