Mississippi Lawmakers Continue Medicaid Debate

Rep. Greg Snowden was home from Jackson long enough to update other elected officials about legislative action affecting our area.

Snowden says the lack of action regarding Medicaid is one of the greatest concerns for lawmakers right now.

The debate over whether to expand the program in Mississippi has been a tough one, split down party lines.

Both the House and Senate failed to pass Medicaid legislation at all, meaning the state could be without Medicaid July 1 unless emergency measures are taken.

"The Medicaid program could be continued as it currently is, which is what the leadership favors, and then, we could address expansion down the road when it's determined it's the time to do so," said Snowden. "We have some democrats, particularly in the house, who are insistent on addressing the expansion issue now, which we think would be premature and ill-informed, really to do that."

Since the deadline has passed to introduce new legislation, the only two ways to pass a Medicaid bill would be to suspend the rules or have a special session called by the governor.