Mississippi's Giant House Party Kicks off in Neshoba County

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Neshoba County, Miss. Traditions run deep in Neshoba County and none could be more firmly rooted than the Neshoba County Fair - an annual event that traces its heritage back to the late 1880s, when agriculture was the predominant driver force for the area. Fast forward 125 years, the fair is still going as strong as ever and has earned a reputation as "Mississippi's Giant House Party", an experience that many have grown to love over the years.

"I love it and I enjoy the friendship, the fellowship, and especially the food," Newton resident Pat Vaughn said. "You can't believe the food that people have up here and it's delicious."

The fairgrounds are ready for an influx of people to partake in the numerous activities held throughout the week, but according to many, the greatest part about the week is the memories created.

"When we were kids, our parents would be in the kitchen playing cards, yacking, and gossiping," Indiana resident Gloria Bennett said. "We would shimmy down these trees from upstairs and go over to the pavilions to hear the bands."

The pavilion has always been a relaxing spot for many to sit down and listen to local bands and gospel music, but it's the large variety of activities that keeps families entertained.

"The children enjoy the rides and my husband and his friends enjoy the horse races," Cabin #181 resident Carol Weems said. "We just enjoy getting to see old friends and acquaintances that we don't see all the time."

While the unofficial rule is to have fun, many fairgoers will see plenty of security officers patrolling the area.

"We have almost 80 different security officers working the gates and internal securities inside the fairgrounds," Security Supervisor Ward Calhoun said. "We also have officers in the parking lots. Our job here is to ensure that people come to the fair and have a safe and good time."

If you want to go to the fair, a day pass will cost you $15, while season tickets cost you $40. Kids 9 years of age and under get in free.