New Alabama Gun Laws Take Effect

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Alabama Gun laws have been topics of major debates over the last few years nationwide. Two years ago Mississippi lawmakers passed an Open Carry Law, which was unanimously upheld by the state supreme court when challenged.

While in session earlier this year, Alabama legislators passed some new gun laws for that state. Supporters of the measures, say each of them are designed to make it more difficult for people, who are mentally ill, to buy firearms.

One of the laws requires probate court judges in Alabama to report to law enforcement each individual that he or she has to commit for involuntary mental health treatment. There's a federal law which stipulates that a person, who is involuntarily committed for treatment, cannot buy a gun. However, people who are forced to undergo this type treatment are able to appeal to have his or her gun ownership rights restored.

The second gun law change in Alabama requires state judges to report all people who are found not guilty of a crime because of mental illness or due to a mental defect.

Supporters of the new gun laws from the Alabama legislature say the changes align Alabama with federal law.

The new gun laws in Alabama are taking effect this week.