New Approach to United Way Fundraising Goal

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Meridian, Miss. A new year of fundraising has kicked off for the United Way of East Mississippi and though it didn't reach its goal of $1 million last year, this year brings another chance.

United Way of East Mississippi has kicked off the 2013 campaign and this year's theme is "Be the Hero." United Way of East Mississippi is a huge part of the community, but not many people know exactly what it does, or how to help.

"What we are doing is representing 14 agencies in our community," Sara Odom explains. "Nonprofit groups and 6 community impact programs. Then when they hear they can give as a payroll deduction for as little as $5, $10 a pay check, they say 'why not.'"

Some of the agencies United Way represents are the Red Cross, Boys Scouts of America, and Boys & Girls Club. This year, United Way of East Mississippi has set a goal of $1 million. It failed to reach the goal last year, but this year United Way is approaching that goal a little differently.

"It's about increasing the number of "Heroes" we have in our community this year," Odom points out. "We want each and every person to feel like they can give just a little bit, and be a part of helping out with our overall goal. So we're not going to focus so much on the dollar as more so on the number of people we get involved this year, and giving the opportunity to make a donation no matter how small."

You can contact the United Way of East Mississippi at 601-693-2732.