Program Honors Veterans at Doughboy Monument

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Meridian, Miss. Hundreds of active and retired military members, along with friends and family of the armed forces gathered to honor and pay tribute to those that have served, and those currently on active duty. Commanding Officer of Naval Air Station Meridian, Chris Moore, says that the support for the military in this community is outstanding.

"That's actually one of the biggest strategic advantages we enjoy at Naval Air Station Meridian. It has one of the best civil-military relationships of all the installations I've been at."

Native Meridianite, Senior Chief Petty Officer Kent Malone, who is now stationed at NAS after traveling the world, gave remarks about what this day means for him, and he believes in honoring those who came before us.

"The message today was to honor the veterans that have come before us and laid the groundwork for us to actually be successful, and America to continue to have this freedom.

Malone also says it's important to prepare the next generation for service.

"My message to the younger group is actually to actually grab that torch, and continue to push forward for equality and justice throughout the world, not only in wartime, but in peacetime also, and to be more of a part in the community."

Moore and Malone both agree that no matter what age the veteran is, or what job they performed, or are currently performing, it's important to take time to thank them.

Moore says, "Clearly we want to remember, honor, and recognize former veterans, former servicemen and women, and also acknowledge the new population of veterans that's emerging from the 10 years of the War on Terror."

Malone adds,"When you see a veteran, just shake their hand or say thank you."