Public School Informational Meeting to be Held Monday

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Parents for Public Schools, a nonprofit organization is promoting a meeting Monday evening at 6:00 PM at East Mississippi Electric Power Association's Auditorium on Highway 39 in Meridian. They plan to discuss upcoming initiatives for public schools which include school vouchers and charter schools. These were hot topics in the Mississippi State Legislature last year, and Becky Glover with Parents for Public Schools says that parents need to be educated about their choices.

"We do consider parents and other people in the community to be the owners of their public schools, so it's important to know how all of these legislative initiatives are going to impact your local public schools."

Glover is a Parent Coach so she's not allowed to take a stance on initiatives that the legislature is considering, but she does connect parents to information so they can make an informed decision about how they want their public schools run. However, the Parents' Campaign that's conducting the meeting doesn't play by the same rules.

"They are a 501(c)4 organization and they are allowed and they do try to influence legislation in the state of Mississippi."

With the recent Department of Justice Lawsuit over the alleged "school to jail pipeline," Glover says that public schools affect everyone, not just people with children in public schools.

"Public Schools educate your upcoming workforce. They impact crime levels in the community. They impact your quality of living and your cost of living."

For more information about Parents for Public Schools, you can visit their website at If you want to learn more about the Parents Campaign, you can go to