Sebastopolooza Brings Thousands

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This weekend marked the city of Sebastopol's annual fall festival, Sebastopolooza! According to community members there, this is an attraction for every age group. And the thousands of people who show up, always prove that.

"I just like all of the friendly people in Sebastopol and everybody is all nice. And the food is awesome!"

Cam Genusa is one of the many people who attended Sebastopolooza this year. And when we say many, we mean thousands! Crowds upon crowds of people were in the city for the fall festival that provides fun for the entire family.

"Well it is. Sepastopolooza is the biggest event that our town has all year. It has the roadkill cook off which is where different businesses around town come and cook different things. We have all different things in booths set up, we have the pageant, and the scarecrow contest. There are so many things that make the Sebastopolooza the Sebastopolooza," exclaims Lindsey Bishop.

"Because it's the fall time of the year and everybody is out enjoying the festival. The town people put this on. We get different ones to put this on and it's grown to be a great thing. We do fundraisers to put this on and it's grown to be a great thing," describes Floyd Bozeman.

The fun extends far beyond adult competitions. Kids have the chance to shine as well. Children competed in the Country Kids Pageant.

"Well, I think they judge by who has the most country attire and who is going to fit the overall Sepastopolooza title."

Many citizens of Sebastopol make sure to attend the entertaining events of the day. But organizers say many people from outside the city travel specifically for this festival. It's something the small town of Sebastopol can enjoy, while embracing visitors.

"We're right in the middle of four counties, and we draw from those other counties. For Sebastopol to be such a small town, this festival has grown larger than other festivals in other towns. So we're just really excited about it."

And little Cam is also excited. He says as soon as he gets tired of one activity, he's on to the next!

"I like the talent show because I like to sing and I like carving the pumpkin and stuff like that for the kids and the horse rides. It's fun!"