Security System Helps Family During Burglary

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Justin Cobb is a homeowner who's been repeatedly targeted by criminals trying to steal his family's belongings. But he's decided he's had enough.

"Some people say, 'Well, why is this happening to you?' I tell them that I don't think it just happens to me. If they're coming to my house, they're coming to your house, walking down the street, trying to get in your vehicles, too," Cobb said.

Cobb's family had a deer camera set up to catch intruders, but after another car burglary last month, they made the decision to upgrade to a better quality security system, which helped them catch surveillance of a burglar in action.

Now, this sensor right here sends an alert straight into the Cobbs's bedroom if anyone were to walk by, and that's exactly what happened early Friday morning when the intruder walked past.

"That indicated to me that something or someone was outside in my garage, and sure enough, I was able to access my camera that I have. There was someone in my garage at that time," Cobb said.

Cobb says his wife called police, as he chased the criminal into some nearby woods. Although he wasn't able to catch the burglar, he believes his security prevented major damage, and his high-quality footage will help track him down now.

"I think we need to get together as a community and provide the Police or Sheriff's Department with the best evidence and the best information that we can, and then help them do their jobs, because the facts are, if you don't have anything to give them, how are they going to solve it?" Cobb pointed out.