Students Volunteer Over Spring Break in Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. Students from across the country are spending their spring break in an alternative way. By coming to Meridian and helping to better our community.

“Instead of spending spring break on a beach we are here trying to better ourselves and better the community around us, and it is really awesome to experience the South. It is pretty cool,” explained Suffolk University student Meagan Dreher.

Students from University of Michigan’s St. Mary’s Parish, Suffolk University and State University of New York at Oswego, have been coming to Meridian during their spring break to help with the Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity.

“These 3 universities have been coming down to Meridian for about 5 to 10 years every spring to work with us,” said Fonda Rush, Executive Director of the Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity.

This week students from Suffolk University, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts, are working on home repairs, building homes, weatherization projects and more.

“This is my first time doing Habitat for Humanity, and it is my first time seeing what it is like to work for them,” explained Suffolk University student Brendan Murphy. “To see what they do down here and in other communities around the world; it is going to be a great takeaway and hopefully I can do more of later.”

For many this is their first time visiting the south, and they describe it as being quite different from the hustle and bustle of Boston.

“There is such a difference between being in the middle of the city all the time and coming down here and seeing open fields. It is great to see, plus the weather has been awesome,” said Murphy.

While there is a lot of hard work involved, including some scrubbing, painting, and getting a bit dirty, students say they are enjoying every minute of it.

“Just the experience as a whole itself is going to be incredible and I definitely will be remembering it throughout the rest of the year and my college experience,” said Dreher.

If you would like to help the Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity you can call their office at (601) 485-4492.