Investigation of Teenager's Death Continues

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Neshoba County, Miss. A teenager was fatally shot Sunday afternoon, inside a vehicle parked at the Golden Moon Casino. The Neshoba County Sheriff's Department and tribal police responded.

"When officers arrived on scene they found the victim, which is a 14-year-old male from Scott County. He received a single gunshot wound," says Sheriff Tommy Waddell.

Waddell is currently ruling the death accidental.

"At this time, we believe the victim found a .357 revolver that was in the console. He was playing with the gun when it discharged," says Waddell.

The sheriff's department obtained surveillance video from the casino and spoke with the victim's sibling that was in the car at the time to determine what happened.

"The sibling is actually the one that went into the casino and summoned the parents on what had taken place," says Waddell.

Sheriff Waddell says the children were left in the vehicle for roughly 15 minutes before the incident occurred. The gunshot wound is believed to be self-inflicted, but officials are awaiting the autopsy results.

"At this time we believe it was completely an accidental shooting," says Waddell.