Temple Theater Celebrates Anniversary of “The Wiz”

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Meridian, Miss. Last year the drama department at Meridian High School put on a stage production of the movie The Wiz. And with the 40th anniversary of the play and 37th anniversary of the movie coming up soon, it has people reminiscing about their favorite parts of the cult classic.

“The Wiz is one of my favorite movies ever. I would watch it over and over again,” said Christian Kilpatrick, Meridian High School student, “With me wanting to be the Tin Man, I always liked his part in the movie, when he danced and tap danced because that is one of the things that I have always wanted to do.”

Knowing that MHS held a stage production of The Wiz, management with the Temple Theater saw it as a good opportunity to work together with the students so those like Kilpatrick could showcase their talent at the Temple.

“What a great opportunity to showcase the movie here in Meridian. And also, just by happenstance, a lot of the young volunteers at the theater they have been starring in the play The Wiz here at Meridian High. So it was a collaboration to try and put it all together,” said Roger Smith, theater manager.

Not only will the movie be shown, but there's also a Michael Jackson Talent Show being held at 2 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. The movie will be shown Friday at 7 p.m., Saturday at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Admission is $5.

“Let the kids come and either in song or dance or appearance do a talent show about Michael Jackson,” said Smith.

"When you watch the movie, there is a lot of laughter, a lot of sadness. It is just a great movie overall and the Temple Theater is a great place to watch it,” said Kilpatrick.

There are a limited number of spots for the talent show. For more information about it, call the Temple Theater at 601-693-5353 or click the link provided within this article.