Threefoot Building Celebrates 85 Years of Standing Tall

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Meridian Miss. The Threefoot Building has been a staple in the skyline of Meridian for 85 years. The Threefoot Preservation Society marks the occasion every year with an open house. This year, the great-granddaughters of the building's founders were in town to celebrate the landmark’s anniversary.

“The society has done a tremendous job and time and effort in preserving this building and trying to turn it into something,” the founders' great-granddaughter Tracy Threefoot says.

After cutting the cake, Mayor Percy Bland presented the family with a key to the city of Meridian. He talked about his hopes of seeing downtown grow and the future of the Threefoot Building.

“This city is going to be what’s most important to this administration. What the society has done by staying active and keeping breath inside this building, I think, is going to add to the momentum of what eventually does happen to the Threefoot Building,” Bland says.

Hundreds of people had the chance to tour the building and see what the Threefoot Preservation Society has been doing to inform the community about its history, as well as the structural integrity of the building. The Threefoot family says it is excited people are putting care into the family’s building.

“These are people who have volunteered their time and effort. They’ve
just had it in their heart and soul to keep it alive,” great-granddaughter Shelley Threefoot says.

“They’re not Threefoots because the Threefoots don’t live here anymore, but these are people who are not related to the Threefoot family. It’s pretty amazing,” Tracy Threefoot says.