Threefoot Family Helps Volunteers Clean Building

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The Threefoot Preservation Society is bringing the landmark building closer to finding a new tenant.

Community members come together every few months to give the building a good scrubbing. Volunteers clean and pick up whatever they can, so that the Threefoot is looking its best for any potential buyers. Today, members of the Threefoot family came to help out. They say progress has been slow, but they're glad to see how many people care about their family's legacy.

"In 2011, my dad passed away and we came here as a tribute to him as a family, and we were appalled to see the building fenced off, grass growing a foot high," David M. Threefoot says.

"When they first came up, we had weeds that were knee high, and the basement was filled with water. At least 10 feet of water," caretaker Amos Jones says. "All of that's gone now, the halls are clean."

The Threefoot Preservation Society will continue to have volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to come help clean up the building.