Threefoot Festival this Saturday

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This Saturday, 7th Street between 23rd and 25th Avenues and the City Hall lawn will be packed with an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people enjoying food, arts and crafts, and live music at the Tenth Annual Threefoot Festival. The festival, one of Meridian's biggest events each year, is presented by the Meridian Council for the Arts, and Executive Director Casey Null says that they achieve their goal through community service.

"All of the local people come and volunteer their time. Different organizations come and they have different areas set up so that children can participate in the arts, and that's what the Threefoot Festival is all about-promoting the arts for the City of Meridian."

As it does every year, this year promises activities for everyone of all ages with all kinds of different interests. The Council for the Arts has brought in the best of the best entertainers, artists, and vendors for you to enjoy.

"You can come out and listen to some really great music. The children can enjoy some really great art activities. There are some really wonderful food vendors, and then of course you can shop some of the really talented artist vendors that will be with us this year."

Months of planning by board members and sponsors has gone into the free event, and Null doesn't want anyone, especially children, to miss out on the many things the festival has to offer.

"Meridian Council for the Arts is all about promoting the arts and making sure some of these children who never get to participate in the arts have that opportunity."

Weather for the Threefoot Festival couldn't be more perfect, with sunny skies and temperatures forecast to be in the 70s.