Threefoot Preservation Society Raising Money

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Meridian, Miss. The Threefoot Preservation Society had a meeting on Sunday at the Temple Theater to discuss ways to raise money to help preserve the building.

T-shirts were on sale to help raise money for the cause and even local city council members participated in the meeting. Some think the building is an eyesore and would cost too much to preserve it, but Elliot Street has an answer for those people.

"The building has problems," Street admits. "There were problems with the Marks-Rothenberg building, and now we have the beautiful Riley Center."

Executive committee member Elena Lopez Burnside says the building is remembered for the wrong reasons.

"It's kind of funny how it is, most people remember doctors offices and dentists offices and things like that, but there is so much more to the building than that," Burnside says.

Street says the building and Threefoot family history are what help make Meridian so special and it's up to the community to keep it that way.

"If we want Meridian to grow, if we want Meridian to have its pride and community, then we need to come together and try to save the Threefoot," Street believes.

Street says the group has permission to start cleaning the outside of the building and hope to start doing so very soon. He also hopes that this will soon lead to opportunities to clean up the inside of the building too and have the process of preserving it as a whole going.