US Senator Thad Cochran Makes A Campaign Stop in Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. The rain didn't stop many from flooding the second floor of Union Station in Downtown meridian, as many waited to hear from US Senator Thad Cochran. The crowd of supporters arrived in the Queen City from all over the state to show Cochran that they were determined to get him re-elected. Over the past few months, Cochran has become a familiar face in the city of Meridian, and he says it's all because of the importance Meridian holds.

"This is an important city in our state," said Senator Cochran. "I think that the influence of the Republican Organization here has been effective over the years. One of the early states that came out and actually organized a Republican Party and contributed to a discussion of ideas and issues that could help make our state a better state."

Fredie Carmichael, the son of State Senator Videt Carmichael was on hand to endorse Cochran. Also in attendance was Congressman Gregg Harper, who wanted to show his continued support for the longtime senator. Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler of Madison, who has been mayor for over 30 years, says if Cochran loses many will suffer.

"I know the importance of having him represent us as our US Senator," said Butler. "We are in big trouble if we lose Senator Cochran, local officials are."

With the recent loss of US Senator Eric Cantor to a tea party member, many understand the challenge that Cochran now faces. Cochran's campaign strategy this time hasn't changed, just his approach.

"Well I think just reminding people that I'm committed to helping make sure that our defense capabilities are effective and our national security is sound," said Senator Cochran. I want them to know I'm committed to making sure our economy provides opportunities for jobs and our education system provides opportunities for advancements."

Both Cochran and McDaniel have only a handful of days to campaign before the runoff election June 24th.