Voter Turnout Uncertain for Upcoming Election

MGN Photo: Election Box

Lauderdale Co., Miss. With the election less than three weeks away, poll workers and election officials are busy preparing for the big day. Lauderdale County circuit clerk Donna Jill Johnson says here locally, they're hoping for a better turnout than what we saw for the primaries.

"We had 33 percent in the August primary election, but again, we were higher than the state average," she says.

Mississippi voters won't see many hotly-contested races on this ballot. Syndicated columnist Sid Salter says he believes republicans won't have much of a burning motivation to head to the polls.

"For many republican voters, the AG's race is the only statewide race that has a great deal of appeal," he says.

He says republicans will be eager to push Mike Hurst into the role of attorney general, while democrats will fight to keep incumbent Jim Hood in the seat. But Johnson and Salter agree, there is one contest that could greatly influence the number of voters.

"Frankly, the hottest race on the ballot in November is the question of for or against Initiative 42," Salter says.

"Probably the most conversation we've had with people coming in the office is with the initiative that's on the bill, 42 and 42A," Johnson says. "I think the initiative is probably the strong suit that's going to be driving people to the polls on Nov. 3."

Salter says the overall voter turnout will be hard to predict.

Johnson is reminding you to check your calendar and determine now whether you need to vote absentee. Anyone who has not received a new voter registration card needs to visit the circuit clerk's office.