Youth Workshop Preview

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Doctor Terrance West, and Terrence Carter are both engineers who work in Huntsville for the Department of Defense. Both are 1998 high school graduates. Terrance Carter graduated from Meridian High, and Dr. West from Northeast Lauderdale High. Tomorrow (September 20th) they are sponsoring a free workshop for high school students.

"We have five different sessions going on," says Dr. West, "where we are describing different things as far as: how to prepare for college, how to prepare for technical schools, how to avoid pitfalls in life, how to plan for your career academically and financially, and just basic things that you need to know to make it in society."

"This is an opportunity that we want to show the young people that there is a way for you," says Carter, "and that there is a way for you to be an individual. You don't always have to be part of the crowd. You can embrace your individuality, and become anything that you want to be."

As part of the workshop, the organizers say young people will learn that making mistakes is normal, and that the key thing is to learn from those mistakes. Also, they say they're going to share with the attendees some of the things that they wish someone would have shared with them. This includes advice about how important it is to truly prioritize what is important while in grade school.

"For the younger adults we say performance is 60%,"says Dr. West, "because the majority of the time your GPA and the things that you do will aid for your technical development, and that is very important. Your image, background and your brand - in terms of how do I brand myself- is 30%, and then your exposure is only 10%."

When it comes to achieving goals, both men say there are some other key things that students must do!

"Just stay focused," says Carter. "Avoid distractions, and just realize that there is a way for you!"

Registration for the free workshop is taking place tonight (September 19th) from 5 PM until 6 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn. Tomorrow's sessions are open to male and female students. They will also be held at the Hilton Garden Inn from 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM.